I was first introduced to fishing by my dad when I was 5 years of age. I remember catching bleak and tiny chub on the river Danube near our house back home in Hungary. Since than I feel like that fishing became something more than a simple hobby – it’s part of who I am.

After moving to England many years ago, following a short break, I begun searching for the opportunity to start fish here too. That’s when I first found out about Hampton Court and the Grand Union Canal. At the same time I started to build up my fishing equipment arsenal including rods, poles, seatbox, nets etc.

Since I was completely new to british waters, my only way of learning was from other anglers. So I begun to read blogs and quickly learned to appreciate the importance of shared information.

I also always used to like to tell about my recent fishing trips to my friends/parents – discuss tactics I tried, new rigs, spots etc. So I decided to bound it all together and create a website where I can share my trips, spots and tactics with you guys. I’d also like to hear about your ones too. Do share your website, ideas, adventures, comments or any feedback – would love to know your thoughts.

I also happen to be travelling quiet a bit. I would like to encourage you guys: wherever you go for holiday, make sure you bring your travel rod. These days you can buy really good quality travel rods that can fit into your luggage or backpack. After all, hiding some hooks, floats, weights or a few spinners really not a big deal. I have created such a habit around this that I am now more likely to forget my underwear than my Mepps spinners 😀

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