image September in Hungary #3

The last spot I fished during my trip was another commercial lake. It is literally based in the corner of my hometown, Vac. Small lake but packed with quality wild carp, mainly from the river Danube and the Tisza.

The lake

It was just a real quick one. I literally had two hours to spare, and to catch something real quick.

On this lake you can only feed by natural seeds or heir own pellets. I only used a tin of sweetcorn and some maggots. Here is how it went, the pictures talk for themselves:

My waggler rod and the float on the mirror-flat surface
Couple of bream at first…
…than this one
This guy weighted roughly 6 pounds. Of course, when I have the nicest catch, I don’t have my photographer with me 🙂

This lake is awesome if you only have very limited time and wanna catch some beautiful fish. It is one of those “idiotproof” lakes, very hard not to catch 😀

Hope you enjoyed following my trip, for my next planned fishing sessions check here.

See you there!

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