image September in Hungary #2

Our second destination was my favourite ever place, lake Balaton (see my other post for more details about the lake). Unfortunatelly, due to some technical issues with the car we meant to use originally (picture) we were unable to leave on time. As a result, we arrived hours later, and by the time we found the right spot to fish, it got completely dark on us. After a quick dinner, we got on with fishing as quickly as we could.

We decided to use waggler rods, floats with light sticks attached. As we targeted mainly carp or larger bream, we mixed 3 bags of groundbaits with halfway cooked sweetcorn and hempseed. Fished right off the main pier of Balatonalmadi, water depth was around 3.5m.

About half an hour after feeding, the first bite fish arrived.

Small silver in the dark

Few minutes later, another one followed.

They kept us entertained…

As we headed into the night, more and more fish seemed to hang around our swim. The continuous feeding appeared to pay back. Still no carp, but at least the size of the silver fish seemed to improve. For bait we used maggots, on lake Balaton this bait works magic, it’s simply unbeatable. Whenever I changed to corn, not even a poke on it.

Slightly better bream
Fish of this size is quite fun to catch already, on light tackle

Let’s face it, when we realised how late we were going to arrive, the outcome of the carp fishing was already outlined. To get to the real good carp holding places, within the bushes of the old cain fields, you need to arrive when there’s still daylight, unless you have a paid private wooden pier (which we don’t…). Otherwise it’s almost impossible to randomly find a good spot, if you don’t know the area extremely well. So this one turned into a night silver fishing session.

Very first lights

As the first morning lights appeared, the water turned more lively. Small zander was chasing minnows on the surface, bream showed their back on the complately flat surface of this beautiful water.

Mornings at lake Balaton are magnificent
Just to say: good morning…

At the same time, new species started showing their interest towards our maggots. Hungry shoal of morning hunters came by to say hi.

Garda – one of my fav species 🙂
In the net

First two was smaller, but then this:

Garda love maggots

This mainly predatory species usually go for hunting in big shouals. If ypu feed with maggots at night, your’re on the right way to catch them. They also like warms, but can be caught on small live bait or artificial baits too.

The biggest one
Another morning bream

Time passed by so fast, before we realised it was 9am – time to pack and leave. Not that we wanted to…But plenty of family related commitments and gatherings were waiting for me – I had two hours to sleep in th car (that’s how long it roughly takes by Car).

Goodbye Balaton, see you next year!

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