image September in Hungary #1

As we reached September this year, just couldn’t wait to arrive to Hungary and finally get my lines wet. The very first trip was to one of the many small lakes in the region near my hometown, Vac. It is called Lake Ordas-a commercial venue packed with quality fish, mainly carp and grass carp.

The lake

That day weather was absolutely burning hot, therefore we had to limit the fishing time for the morning hours, from 7am to about 12pm. That’s right, not so much like early autumn-in recent years summer appears to extend way longer than it used to. Saying that, when these lines are born, sitting in my London flat, the heat is just unbearable – closed the day with 31 degrees and the next 3 days looks very much alike. Looks like there really are some changes in the air.


So back to Hungary, even fish seemed lazy to feed, was rather quiet on the swim we fed during our stay. However managed to catch two carp during the morning, one smaller one and a bigger.

First carp was a “child carp”

First carp was too small even for my liking, so quickly released and the waiting game continued. Not for long though, shortly after the “fish of the day” arrived.

6 pounds of beauty

In Lake Ordas you only allowed to feed with their own pellet they provide upon arrival. However in hot days like that even a lake like that, packed with carp would feel rather quiet during the day. Towards evening, of course it’s a different story-if you can wait. We couldn’t…

Goodbye carp, goodbye Lake Ordas!

At my next visit this autumn I will definitely visit this lovely lake again!


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