image Ibiza adventures

At the beginning of August I spent a spectacular 5 days in Ibiza. I’ve been to the Balearic Islands before (in Mallorca) but didn’t get to fish that time. But now I made sure I carry my Travel Rod with me. On that note, the worse nightmare of all designated fisherman happened to me at the airport: my rod got taken by airport security. Apparently new rules restrict passengers to carry fishing rods in their hand luggage (mind you,on the way back spanish security let me board with a newly bought rod…). I was gutted but had to deal with the situation.

The first morning, of course I found myself at the local tackle shop in San Antonio town – sure enough I had to buy a new rod. Something cheap at least I can use whilst in Ibiza. The store and the town itself was located a nice 20 minutes walk along the beach from our hotel.

Our hotel in San Antonio bay
The walk to San Antonio downtown

There is a nice sandy beach literally outside the hotel, with a small pier with always pretty fish playing nearby.

No shortage of fish in the crystal clear water

However, by mid afternoon they all go into the deeper shadowy parts, therefore if you wanna catch them, must wake up early! At my first attempt I tried spinning, jigs, but no fish was about.

My failed first attempt

Wasn’t too sad though, cheap cocktails and local beer made up for the atrocity in one of the sunset bars.

Ibiza Sunset

Believe it or not, my second day in Ibiza continued with bad luck. Apparently it hardly ever rains in Ibiza during the summer months – according to locals’ opinion. On our second day it did so, quiet heavily as well, for half a day we stuck in a pub in Ibiza town. Later as it got better, still had time for a city wonder-around.

Nowhere else it was raining in Southern Europe that day, but in Ibiza
Ibiza town from the castle
Ibiza port-view

And finally, my day had come! We had a boat trip booked from San Antonio to the truly beautiful island of Formentera. The ride from San Antonio costs 29 Euros/p return and takes roughly 90 minutes the most. Well worth the price – confi boat and nice view on the way. The boat leaves SA at 10am and returns from Formentera at 6pm. A perfect day out.


Magnificent turquoise watered beach on the northern part of the island

After swimming at one of the many beaches of Formentera, we headed back to the port to finally catch some fish. For my disappointment, we found out that fishing is strictly prohibited from the port. Which is a real shame as there were sightings of massive fish in the there. Left with no choice, we settled by one of the rocks on the sea where I could fish safely and comfortably from.


Left-over groundbait

Quickly mixed some left over groundbait I carried with me. For bait I used lugworm I bought in the tackle shop the same time I bought my “Ibiza-rod”. The groundbait was for freshwater, but fish didn’t seem too facy about my a-la-cart menu: they quickly gathered together around my feeding spot. And finally I caught my first Ibiza-fish.

First ever Ibiza fish

I only had roughly 1,5 hours till we had to make our way back to the boat. Luckily fish was in the mood for eating. Nothing too big but I was well pleased with the results.

In that particular place I couldn’t try jigging or spinning s there were rocks underneath the surface – I’m sure I would quickly lose them. Instead I used a simple float, shots, size 12 hook and lugworm for the bait. It was working just fine.

My setup

Fish after fish.


Last fish of the day

It was a truly awesome day at Formentera. Ended the day with a very nice meal in our hotel. I love Ibiza, and even though it’s mostly mentioned in connection with nightlife and party, there’s another side of Ibiza too! At my next visit I will definitely try deep-sea fishing, they run daily trips from the marina. Wish we had time for more… but will be back!

Goodbye Ibiza – for now…


  1. Would the fish in the harbour be mullet? Down here in Dorset mullet come into the harbours in summer – I’ve seen massive shoals of them the lower stretches of the Hampshire Avon, but only managed to catch one and that was from the Dorset Stour.


    • Hi Sidestreambob,
      yes it was defo mullet. And some massive ones too! I had bread and worms from the tackle shop but for my biggest disappointment it was not allowed to fish in the harbour (should just break the rules next time i guess..).
      And nothing big from the rocks. There’s always next time!
      Keep fishing,


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