image Quick Thames adventure

Another week, another spell of good weather. Couldn’t wait to get a free few hours and visit my favourite fishing spot in London – Hampton Court. This session was short and sweet, with plenty of great fish – including some bream and nice perch. Enjoy 🙂

My recipe for the afternoon
I love experimenting with new groundbait. This one particularly proved to be a good combination, with added sweet coconut syrup and tiny (4mm) pellets, it’s a killer mix for silver fish.

Sensas heavy leam
And of course, like on any river, I never miss to add leam to weight my groundbait down, so it hits the bottom quickly and starts “working” immediately. It’s advisable to riddle it through once before adding it to the grounbait.

This will do for start
Copy of IMG_0875(1)
Than I add maggot and the pellets, and throw in a small ball of this mixture in every 10-15 mins.

First applicants are usually small roach
That day some lovely bream proved to be interested in the particularly sweet groundbait mix
As they move in shoals, you can quickly catch a few of the same size
After a short break, I got attacked by perch. At this section of the river, if I feed with maggot, sooner or later these hungry guys will definitely turn up.

Decent perch
Some of them are rather big
Another bream
Fish of the day
The biggest fish of the day was definitely a perch, which I only kept for a short time for the picture (as my photographer left me to catch Pokemons?!). In summary it was an other lovely day at Hampton Court, with plenty of lovely fish and nice memories. Can’t wait for next time!

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  1. We went to the Hampton Court Flower Show this year and of course I looked at the river and wondered how it fished, so I’ve found this very interesting.
    Keep up the blog, it is good reading. I’ve some catching up to do with my blog.

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