Saturday tea at Grand Union Canal

Last week I decided to spend my only day off work at the Grand Union Canal near Croxley station. The stretch of the canal below the lock is run by a private fishing club, thus can be fished at any time of the year. You must buy a ticket for £5/day though, however I only met the ticket guy once before, most times to be honest I fish there for free. General rules apply to the river Gade that runs behind canal thus although very tempting, I couldn’t fish there yet last week.

The road down to the canal
The Gade behind, will be back after 15th of June!
First cast
After feeding, waiting for first arrivals
First fish was this tiny perch
Cute little skimmer for second fishie
Annoying boat #1
Another cutie
Annoying boat #2…
…annoying boat #4365329
Nicer skimmer
Always works: 3 reddies on the size 14 hook
Seem to be many of this size of fish in this stretch. Catching them on fine tackle is real fun!
Cute little gudgeon
Way home: pack smart and that’s all you need to carry for a day fishing trip

What I do like about this place: easily and comfortably accessible by public transport; you can catch easily plenty of small fish, with the possibility of one or two bonus fish; The variety of species is impressive; can be fished outside of fishing season

What I do not like about this place: way too many boats passing by which makes it difficult to build up your feeding spot as it scares fish away; occassionally too many bywalkers, swimming dogs (hey, can’t be too picky I say – we’re in London…)


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