image Meanwhile in Thailand

Earlier this year I visited South-East Asia for three weeks, including Macau, Hong Kong and Krabi, Thailand. Fairly obviously, I happened to have some spare space in my luggage for my fishing rod (no folks, don’t even think that was the first thing I packed before anything else 😀 )
In Krabi, we paid in for an island trip, but again, we found our captain ourselves. We agreed at a friendly price, which included visiting of 3 islands (including the famous Chicken Island) and a stop over for a fishing session around one of the islands.
Krabi in the morning at our arrival to the town
On the way
Landing the first fish

What a beauty it was
Another strange fish

I have visited Thailand before and went for a big game fishing tour. But that type of fishing is less enjoyable for me, I found it boring just to sit down and wait for a giant fish to take my bit. And on the top of that, we didn’t even catch anything.

Next time I’m visiting Thailand again, I’ll still choose to take my own rod with me!

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