image Brighton Whiting Hunt

This one was my latest attempt to catch some Brighton whiting and perhaps a cod from the beach. Cod never turned up, but many whiting did!

First fish

This time I started the session by fishing from a tiny pier thing next to the main pier. Later when conditions changed and winds picked up, I moved back to the main beach. Both places provided fish that day.

Second one was a whiting

As always, I try to simplify my rigs and technic I use – even when it comes to sea fishing. In some videos and articles I saw people using some rigs I find too complicated (at least for me).

Here is what I do: I use my simple heavy carp feeder rod, with the simplest £2 rod rest, a main line, a 50-100 gr weight (depending on tide) and a hook. That is it. It perfectly shows every bite, catches most fish and more importantly: it’s simple. I understand that there are certain weather conditions in which I would be unable to use this technic and would need heavier sea fishing gear..

But admittingly, you can call me lazy, I wouldn’t go sea fishing in those conditions. I only even consider going down the beach when there are no strong winds, crazy waves or heavy rain. I rather have one quality session that I really enjoy, than many when I struggle in the rain, wind and waves.

Another pier-whiting
Nice fishie

For bait I use fresh mackerel or sardine chops. I usually get them from Morrison’s (no more than £2) on my way down to the beach. If you have time to get worms, they work really well too.

Sorry about the poor sound quality, winds picked up very badly at that time.

Next november I will visit Brighton again to catch some of these beauties, and to try catching finally some cod too!

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