image Grand Union Canal

On the similar way I found out about Hampton Court, I managed to find an easily accessible  stretch of the Grand Union Canal at near Croxley station on the Metropolitan line. At my first visit, I had no doubt that there are fish in that water: many of the inhabitants  were jumping, moving on the surface.

What makes things even better is that right behing the canal, I discovered a small river running (later I found out it’s called the river Gade) which also holds some nice fish (see recent posts).

Pretty stuff

What I liked most about this place is the variety of fish that you can catch, and if you follow a few very simpe steps, catching is very easy there too! I could, for example,  imagine introducing fishing for first timers/kids in that stretch – they can have quick succes and memorable time. I never went blank on this canal, landing at least 5-10 fishies in a short session is guaranteed!

Some of the roach are this big in the Grand Union Canal

And if you’re lucky enough, you can catch some chunkier fish too, like this big roach.

Go for it!

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